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Tropical Storm Isaac Slips Past Pensacola Beach

08/29/2012 11:16 PM | Anonymous

Thank goodness Tropical Storm Isaac spared Pensacola Beach. We can handle a tropical storm. The ECUA had issued an order on Monday to shut down the water and sewer service on Pensacola Beach on Monday night. The PBA and several beach businesses aggressively contacted ECUA officials and County Commissioners and were able to get ECUA to reverse that order. We felt it made no sense for the County to issue a voluntary evacuation order and for the ECUA to discontinue service to those residents and businesses that decided to stay. We will work with County and ECUA officials to clarify the decision making process for future storms.

You can sign up for email alerts from the Santa Rosa Island Authority for announcements regarding emergency information, tropical weather updates, evaluation inormation, damage assessments and return information after an evacuation. Visit http://sria-fla.com/e-alert-signup.php to sign up.

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