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Party Down South – Not On Pensacola Beach

02/26/2014 11:36 AM | Anonymous

March 3, 2014 Update: This reality show is not coming to stay or film on Pensacola Beach. Thanks to SRIA Board Chair Tammy Bohannon and our County Commissioner Grover Robinson for taking a stand on this. And thanks to the greater Pensacola community and the businesses on the beach who took a stand.

The Board of Directors of PBA wants to make our members and the beach community aware of a trashy reality show that is considering Pensacola Beach for filming this Spring. Apparently the producers of "Party Down South" have been in discussions and negotiations with various entities in our community, but it has all been kept very quiet.  The first season was filmed in a quaint beach community much like ours -- Murrell’s Inlet, South Carolina -- and it was a very unfortunate experience for residents, locals and tourists alike.

"Party Down South" is a trashy, sordid show featuring eight young adults who drink and bed hop to excess while in front of the camera, and who were reported to have been verbally abusive and offensive in restaurants as well as to residents. It is in our opinion that a reality show like this will do nothing but damage our community's image. It will not  reflect well on the upscale family oriented community that we truly are on the beach, and in fact, is polar opposite to a community that supports a nationally honored and recognized elementary school. 

Over the past 20 years, the Greater Pensacola area to include Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach, has been diligently working to court businesses to bring jobs to boost our economy beyond tourism. Again, it is in our opinion that being associated with a show like this could derail any such future development. A temporary economic gain that hosting a show like this allegedly brings to a community could result in a tremendous loss in the long run.

One of our board members contacted  the County Councilman who represents Murrell Inlet in Georgetown County. Councilman Jerry Oakley shared that "the crew and cast of 'Party Down South' turned their small beach community into a six week living nightmare." When the producers of "Party Down South" asked permission to return to Murrells Inlet, the answer was "no" and Georgetown County now has a very protective filming ordinance, not just for Murrells Inlet but for the entire county.

We ask that you do your research on this show, the cast and the crew. We have provided a multitude of links and you can come to your own conclusion.

Local reporter Kimberly Blair has written two articles in the "Pensacola News Journal "this week.



If you are curious as to the content and advertising regarding the show, here is the website for the CMT reality show  – also known as “The Dirty South”.


Here is a link to a Facebook Page that was created by the community of Murrell’s Inlet to document how bad this was.


Read this page and also the links to other article that were written by the local press in South Carolina, including a most recent development about one of the cast members being arrested for theft.









A Facebook Page started today for people in Pensacola to post their concerns




  • 02/26/2014 8:47 PM | Anonymous
    Update from our County Commissioner Grover Robinson:

    I would like to first thank the Pensacola Beach Advocates for the work they do for Pensacola Beach and for bringing citizen's attention to this issue. This is not the kind of exposure we want for Pensacola Beach and is inconsistent for the beach segment we have sought to represent.

    Unfortunately, this is not like zoning where we approve an application. So no one will be coming before the BCC. However, we fully intend to enforce the rules currently established and I have worked with our legal department to allow the production company to know our intention.

    I would like to recognize and thank Mr. Fred Simmons who chose not to lease to this type of use. I hope any other landlords will agree this is not the type of tenant you want as I can assure you Escambia County fully intends to enforce its ordinances.

    Thank you again PBA for your work.
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