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Event Homes in Pensacola Beach - Island Times

03/02/2021 8:28 PM | Anonymous

When trying to understand the “Event Homes” industry on Pensacola Beach that are marketed to world via the internet, it’s appropriate to keep in mind the lease language for the land on which these “homes” are built on. Most have the boiler plate language of “leased to Lessee as a residential property for the purpose of constructing and maintaining a single family permanent type residence thereon”.  Think about that, as well as the absurdity of “Event Homes” blending in with residential neighborhoods while considering these direct quotes of real estate agents, owners, and renters that were found on websites advertising them on Pensacola Beach:

Great place, everyone was comfortable and the reception party of 55 was no problem!

The first full year on the rental program (2019) - over $182K in gross rents with $200K+ potential.

Open spaces underneath the home make it the perfect venue for an elegant wedding or a large family gathering (maximum 50 people)…Nonrefundable event fee is $2,000 (plus tax)

Fully furnished, this home has been on a rental program and is perfect for Large Family Reunions & Corporate Retreats.

Our entire family (40 of us) stayed in this beautiful house during Labor Day weekend.

This house, with nearly 6,000 square feet, will hold plenty of guests for any type of party - we had 70 people attend the wedding

Home is on vacation rental program. 2018 annual rental $106,955. 2017 rentals $109,965.  Consistently produces around $110,000 in gross rental revenues.

The 2nd level family room is 1,200 sq. feet that has both GULF and SOUND views and can be used as a reception or inside wedding area in case of bad weather. Owner rents tables and chairs for weddings/parties.

BONUS SLEEPING AREA 1- 2 sets of stacked custom twin bunk beds located in a(n) over sized hallway.

Low land lease of $190!

Our home is ideal for weddings, anniversaries, or special occasion gatherings. There is off-street parking for up to 12 cars. There is room for sports team bus. ATTENTION ALL INVESTORS. THIS IS NOT A FLIP. This is a legitimate investment opportunity that has generated in excess of six figures annually...

Are these “Event Houses” really the single family residences called for in the land lease? Are they residential or commercial? The PBA has called for the SRIA or the Board of County Commissioners to enact and enforce a meaningful short term rental (STR) ordinance to license and inspect rental homes like the hotels they compete with.  However, local officials’ ability to enact such an ordinance may be limited by HB219, which is currently under consideration in Tallahassee. That bill would cede STR control to the State. Please take time to review the pending legislation and let Rep. Andrade, Rep. Salzman, Sen. Broxson, and the PBA know your thoughts about local control of STR. We would also encourage you to contact Commissioner Bender regarding enacting a strong STR ordinance for Escambia County. Our contact information can be found at http:www.pbadvocates.org

Office Contact Number:

Rep. Andrade: (850) 595-0467

Sen. Broxson: (850) 595-1036

Rep. Salzman: (850) 941-6091

Comm Bender: (850) 595-4940

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