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What Has PBA Done for You Lately?

The Island Times, our great beach newspaper, now has a space in each issue for articles written by PBA Board Members titled "PBA UPDATES."  Click here to read each article.

LIVE & LEARN Series - learn about what it really means to live on Pensacola Beach and what is involved at this beautiful island on the Emerald Coast.

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2023 Annual Meeting Information: Click here for Annual Meeting Minutes & Poll Results

Below are the results for the 2022 Annual Meeting Poll

Click HERE for the annual meeting poll results

The following press release summarizes what happened during the 2022 Annual Meeting and outlines plans for 2023.

Pensacola Beach Advocates Set Agenda for 2023 (Press Release)

In 2018 and 2019, PBA accomplished the following:

  • Attended County Commission meetings to counter the mis-information that Save Pensacola Beach was spreading about what fee-simple legislation would do to public access on Pensacola Beach.  
  • Met with Commissioners and SRIA representatives to encourage a referendum that would clearly protect public access, conservation and recreation on the beach.
  • Acted as a “watchdog” in the SRIA’s annual budgeting process to assure that residential lease rates would not be increased as requested by staff.
  • After meeting with the SRIA, Pensacola Beach Chamber, Escambia County Sheriff's Office and beach rental businesses to discuss the many problems that occurred during Spring Break 2018, the PBA helped to develop a public information and enforcement campaign for Spring Break 2019.
  • Met with SRIA Board members and County Commissioners to explain the nearly $9,000,000.00 annual windfall of revenue over expenses that the County realizes from Pensacola Beach.  These meetings were in response to numerous comments by some Commissioners that Pensacola Beach was not "paying their fair share" of taxes.
  • Held the largest Sea Turtle Baby shower in August 2018, with over 1000 attendees who were educated on the importance of keeping our beaches clean, dark and flat for our nesting sea turtles and shore birds.
  • Assisted the Navarre Beach Sea Turtle Conservation Center's Earth Day celebration.
  • Worked with the Beach School and Ocean Hour to recycle enough plastic bottle caps to make a park bench.

Please consider joining if you are a member. Visit www.pbadvocates.org/join