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Parking on the Beach (Opinion Post)

09/02/2021 4:34 PM | Anonymous

From PBA Member Rick Gordon:

There are many ways, some small, some larger, to control parking on the beach.  

1. Raise the bridge toll to $3-$5 to encourage car pooling and gain revenue for beach infrastructure.

2. Raise the resident's annual pass back to the $50 it used to be.  Use the funds for beach infrastructure.

3. Consider use of the GB school parking lots during the summer (non-school) season and supplement it with low cost or no cost jitney service to Casino Beach.

4. Regarding parking meters .... as you know we frequent Bar Harbor (Maine).  The town, about the size of Gulf Breeze proper, implemented parking meters in 2020.  They are required from May 1 to October 31 - their prime season time.  I understand that they have collected more funds than anticipated - for town infrastructure use.

Parking Information | Bar Harbor, ME - Official Website (barharbormaine.gov)

Bar Harbor also has residential stickers - although for a different purpose than our hurricane passes!  I could see parking meters used in the large public lots on the beach at Casino Beach and Park West - BUT that could cause some crazy parking situations in ALL other locations - so, to me, items 1-3 are much better solutions.

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