ECUA Town Hall - Proposed Reclaimed Water Storage Tank

  • 11/03/2015
  • 6:30 PM
  • SRIA Board Room

ECUA’s current wastewater treatment plant on the Beach produces approximately daily approximately 800,000 gallons of reclaimed water.  About 10-15% is currently used for irrigation and the rest is discharged into the Santa Rosa Sound.  Instead of discharging the majority of the reclaimed water and using potable water from the mainland for irrigation, ECUA is in the planning stages of extending the reclaimed water system on Pensacola Beach so that more cheaper reclaimed water may be used for irrigation.  A reclaimed water storage tank is necessary for this transition.

ECUA will host a town hall meeting related to the proposed storage tank and pumping station for the ECUA reclaimed water system on Pensacola Beach.

The current planned location for the storage tank is between the Catholic Church and the elementary school. 

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