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Dog Parks on Pensacola Beach

11/02/2012 8:36 AM | Anonymous

Currently, no dogs are allowed on any of our beaches.  The SRIA is considering a proposal that would:

  • Allow dogs from sunrise to 10:00 am at both Park East and Park West
  • Dog parks would be open 365 days per year
  • Dogs at Park West would have to be on leashes
  • Dogs at Park East could be off-leash except during bird and turtle nesting season
  • Owners are required to pick up any dog poop – bag dispensers will be provided

This is going to be a hotly debated topic. There are people who feel strongly on both sides of this issue.  There are issues involving enforcement of the rules, liability, protection of endangered species, etc. to be resolved. The SRIA has asked the PBA to poll its members on the proposed dog parks, and a straw poll will be taken at the PBA Annual Meeting on November 12th.  If you cannot attend that meeting, but have an opinion on this matter, please submit a proxy form or e-mail your comments to info@pbadvocates.org.

The SRIA will have a public meeting on the dog parks on Wednesday, November 14th at 5:00 pm at the SRIA offices. The results of the PBA straw poll will be reported at that meeting.


  • 11/15/2012 9:52 AM | Anonymous member
    Can anyone comment on the progress of the dog parks? Dog feces can harbor several paracites that infect humans. Round worms and hook worms can live for years in sand. Humans are not good at cleaning up after their pets.
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