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Take a Survey about important Pensacola Beach issues

04/03/2014 8:47 AM | Anonymous
PBA mailed a printed survey with our March 2014 newsletter to 3500 leaseholders in March. The survey is open to all stakeholders on Pensacola Beach - regardless of your membership status in Pensacola Beach Advocates.  Tell us what issues are most important for us to work on this year. We will close the survey on April 30th. 

The survey is available online at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/8Q7DJQN


  • 07/26/2014 8:35 PM | Barbara Miksch
    I don't care to re-join... This organization was silent when the west end Dog Park was established and now it's an environmental disaster . It went against all recommendations from the Escambia County Health Dept. They had no jurisdiction to stop it but "clearly" , the Health Deot. had serious concerns. For the SRIA to suggest the Health Dept had "no objections " is simply not true! They were not given a Permit nor were any recommendations followed .
    We, at the west end of the island, have witnessed our beach decline at a very rapid rate. It makes
    Me SICK!! Dogs are running all over this beach and children are building sand castles in the urine & poop in the sand by the water's edge.
    You guys (including the. SRIA) care more about the turtles & the nesting birds than you do for the children on this beach!!
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