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  • 07/26/2021 7:28 PM | Anonymous

    Congratulations!  If your reading this newspaper you survived the busiest week of the year on the beach,  or…you just got  into town!   After resting up and  putting my house back together,  I took a  quick survey of some of our PBA street captains and all seems well.  Rarely do I partake in the  madness at the core during Blue Angels, but I did this year and was impressed with the organized chaos.   The operation was the closest thing I’ve seen to Mardi Gras day in New Orleans,  and I thought all of our agencies did a great job.  From public works to the sheriff’s department it’s amazing how it all comes together so kudos to the  SRIA and Chamber for pulling it off year after year.  To our beach visitors I must say I saw the most creative parking I’ve  ever seen.   Thank you Blues for a great show!

    Just like the Back to School specials that begin to pop up after the 4th it’s back to work time for the Advocates too.   Advocate board members have been working hard  confirming stats and gathering data in preparation for a short term rental ad hoc  committee.  The goal will be  to pull together agencies in government and the private sector with the purpose of stopping vacation rentals from acting as an unregulated business on the beach, to improve safety,  and to prevent  the construction of anymore monster  hometels.  Commissioner Bender is set to unveil legislation in the Spring  for regulation and we are hoping that all agencies, both private and public  will better understand what can and can’t be legally done.  Members have been calling in and reporting infractions when they see them with thanks from Ms. Davis. 

    Under the new SRIA leadership we have seen improved communication and  response to complaints, enforcement  on lease violations, and progress with better signage at the dog parks.  Internally an effort is being made to provide more information to SRIA board members so they  can make informed decisions.  They were also able to get Verizon to make good  on a promise from December 2020  to paint the ugly 5g poles.  If you  want your swf painted please let Ms. Davis know as this was a test of the new color to see if they looked better. 

    In fact LOTS of forward progress has been made in the regulation of 5g.  Unfortunately it has had to come from residents filing suit with the FCC or complaining to their local governments non stop until they do something.   What we have consistently seen both locally and throughout the country is that the industry pushing 5g will come to the table to meet and comply with local governing agencies if the local governing agencies USE their voice to regulate  on behalf of their constituencies.  Please go to to see all of the progress and how other counties on the Gulf Coast are addressing residential concerns over 5g  and how they negotiated for more aesthetically pleasing swf.  We have also posted a revised 2020 study which details the possible impact to migratory animals such as our nesting bids and sea turtles. 

    Enjoy your Summer.   When  you put away those summertime decorations make sure you know where your Christmas decorations are  because PBA will be hosting a Holiday Lights contest.  If  your not a member please join today.  Go to

    Thank you for your support.

    Rhonda Dorfman

    PBA President

  • 07/15/2021 8:30 AM | Anonymous

    Read the following articles for more information and facts on 5G:

    9 Facts About 5G You Need To Know

    Grassroots group plans 5G pole protest in Dewey Beach

    New cell towers spoil the scenery and crowd people’s homes

  • 05/18/2021 7:27 PM | Anonymous

    Click the link below to view the Northwest Florida Water Management District Flood M.A.P Program Virtual Open House Experience

  • 05/10/2021 7:35 PM | Anonymous

    Hello Beach Residents! Welcome Guests! Welcome to this gorgeous place we call home.

    Spring is definitely in the air and the changes coming to Pensacola Beach are as fresh and welcomed as the weather. Just as we welcome in a new season we would also like to welcome Ms. Leigh Davis our new S.R.I.A. Executive Director and Mr. Juan Lemos, our new Director of Development and Environmental Services. ThePensacola Beach Advocates would like to officially welcome them to the most beautiful place they will ever work.

    We are so fortunate to have such qualified individuals assume the reins as Executive Director and as Environmental Services Director for the S.R.I.A. The S.R.I.A. Board also has a new chairman at the helm and it is our local elected member, Dr. Thomas Campanella. Just like the winds are always changing on the beach, I am hopeful that this new leadership brings many welcomed changes to our local governing body. At the Advocates, polling of our members suggest we can improve the governance of local matters on the beach. During this research, we discovered SRIA is defined as a dependent board having authority over the municipal affairs on the beach.

    As you know all of our county commissioners have an appointment to the board, and we the residents have an elected representative. Do you really know what S.R.I.A has the authority to do? The statutes gives them the ability to not only manage the leases on the beach but to do so much more…and they have the ability to enforce it. If you are a member of PBA, check out the document on our website. It reads like a city charter.

    I bring all of this up because recently we have had problems similar to those of other beach towns in the state of Florida. We have had a proliferation of “hometels,” 5g poles that were erected without proper committee approval, unlicensed businesses operating illegally, and decisions made unilaterally that should have been heard and debated by the SRIA board. At S.R.I.A. board members have committees that they have been assigned where most matters should be discussed before decisions are made. It seems like policies get created, but very little input is given by the board members who are appointed to serve.

    The majority of residents do not want the S.R.I.A. to go away. In fact, the staff receive very commendable remarks. We want our dependent governing board to bare their teeth, show some grit, and flex their muscles where the statutes say they can. I hope that the relationship our chairman and new executive director will bring to the table will be one of extensive dialogue, debate, and exchange before decisions are made. Welcome to the most beautiful beach in the world… let’s keep it that way. If you would like to join the Pensacola Beach Advocates please go to our website at and join today. Make your voice heard exponentially when we meet, share, and educate on matters that count for the residents and leaseholders on the beach. Also save the date -June 5th - for the Sea Turtle Homecoming and Baby Shower. Permits and planning are in the works.

    Rhonda Dorfman

    PBA President

  • 04/29/2021 1:54 PM | Anonymous

    Dive a little deeper and you’ll discover Pensacola Beach hosts a fragile and diverse eco-system with abundant wildlife and plant life: from the inquisitive Bottlenose dolphin to the mighty Bald eagle to the rarest of all sea turtles – the Kemp’s Ridley. All call our pristine beach home. Did you know we even have carnivorous plants on Pensacola Beach? (Don’t worry – Sundews prefer to eat insects.)

    The SRIA recently launched a new, content-rich website showcasing the many unique creatures and features of Santa Rosa Island. The Pensacola Beach Eco Trail website is an extension of the physical “Footprints in the Sand” Eco Trail on Pensacola Beach, which consists of nearly three dozen informative, educational signs scattered across the island. An interactive map hosted on the website guides visitors along the physical trail, which stretches from just outside the Gulf Islands National Seashore Fort Pickens gate to Park East – just before the Opal Beach area.

    Stunning imagery and videos illustrate the wide variety of plant and animal life that can be found here. Nearly all of the photos and videos showcased have been graciously shared by 21 local photographers and videographers, and the written content for the site was contributed by subject matter experts.

    So, dive in here to discover the many natural wonders of Pensacola Beach. Or, better yet, grab your hat and binoculars and go explore the actual trail along our beautiful barrier island in person, with the aid of the virtual map embedded on the site.

    Read the full article HERE.

  • 04/20/2021 7:55 PM | Anonymous

    Meet the New SRIA Executive Director!

    Santa Rosa Island Authority invites you to get to know the new Executive Director, Leigh Davis.

    Monday, May 3rd

    5:30-7:00 PM at The Beach Church (920 Panferio Dr. Pensacola Beach)

    Thursday, May 6th

    10:00am - Virtual Meeting via Zoom

  • 04/05/2021 7:40 PM | Anonymous

    Florida Sea Grant Escambia County  University of Florida IFAS Extension

    There is a Zoom Meeting to inform and train anyone who would like to help locate Beach Vitex. We will go over this project, the plan, and the spreadsheet attached, as well as show you how to identify and report the plant in your area.  We will also find out from you where you want to survey.  You can select any water body where the seeds of the plant, if they fall into the water, would reach our coastal beaches. 

    Topic: Beach Vitex Survey Training

    Time: Apr 8, 2021 06:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 935 1951 1660

    Passcode: 725723

  • 04/02/2021 2:29 PM | Anonymous

    Two surveys were sent out last month asking active PBA members their opinion on various things such as making Ariola Dr. one way (East), creating residential parking permits for leaseholders, etc.

    Below are the survey questions and the responses.

    Part 1 Results:

    Part 2 Results:

    If you are an active PBA member,  always keep an eye out for emails from Pensacola Beach Advocates and be sure to respond to the surveys and emails. Your answers are very important and help us make important recommendations and changes.

  • 03/05/2021 9:01 AM | Anonymous

    Wireless companies like Verizon and AT&T have spent hundreds of millions of dollars lobbying state and federal legislators to game the system, and they’ve also spent a tremendous amount of money influencing local elected officials. Wireless companies and site developers are now accelerating the placement of 5G cell poles and antennas in Pensacola neighborhoods during the COVID-19 pandemic when City resources are stretched thin and staff struggling each day with new developments.

    Other cities halted the rushed 5G roll-out until adequate science-based health information shows the public will not be adversely affected by chronic exposure to 5G radiation emissions near residential homes. The wireless industry plans to place poles every 250 to 750 feet in Pensacola neighborhoods, which would virtually turn our community into a wireless pin cushion. Other cities implemented smart policies and comprehensive design criteria to minimize the aesthetic impacts of these poles. Mayor Robinson says the City Council “… has no ability to regulate this once so ever.” (February 27, 2020 City Council Meeting)

    The Florida Legislature preempted cities in many ways with a terrible state law. Now it’s your turn to make your voice heard. Florida League of Cities President Tony Ortiz called on us to contact our State Legislators and “preach the gospel of Home Rule" … “when they do, things will change.” Want a say over 5G cell towers …, PNJ, Feb 23, 2021. 

    Email your State Legislators – Broxson, Andrade and Salzman – today

    Share with concerned neighbors, family and friends ... commit to share with 3 others, and get them involved. 

    A sample email or letter (Subj: 5G in Pensacola and Local Authority):

    I am your constituent, and I ask you to repeal Florida Bill SB 1000 and amend Florida’s Small Cell Statute, Fla Statute Sec 337.401(7). Florida’s Small Cell Statute is replete with provisions that serve no interests other than those of the wireless industry. Perhaps the worst is Sec 337.401(7)(d)(3)(f), designed to prevent cities and counties from requiring wireless carriers to provide notice or hold public meetings that would allow constituents to ask questions and become more aware of plans for new cell towers or wireless facilities near their homes. This provision serves no purpose other than to undermine citizen engagement.

    The practical application of Florida’s Small Cell Statute is that it strips municipalities of local zoning authority, thus allowing site developers to locate poles based purely upon their corporate interests and in total disregard of community stakeholder values. Florida Legislators were hoodwinked when wireless industry lobbyists made assurances they knew were untrue and promises they never intended to keep. Home Rule is supported by an overwhelming majority of Florida residents. The Florida Legislature should stop enacting state laws that interfere with local authority and the ability of local officials to manage their own affairs. The best government is that closest to the people. Accordingly, I ask you to repeal SB 1000 and amend Florida’s Small Cell Statute.



    # # # #

    If you want to personalize your letter, insert your personal experiences. Please email your State Legislators – Senator Broxson, and Representatives Andrade and Salzman today. Then, if you have time, follow it up with a phone call. Listen to their feedback, and please forward it back so we can further refine our message to local elected officials and federal officials.

    Email Senator Doug Broxson at and/or call his office at (850) 487-5001. His legislative assistants are Kevin Brown and Cindy Harigel. If you prefer regular mail, his address is 418 Senate Building, 404 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1100. 

    Email Representative Alex Andrade at and/or call his office at (850) 717-5002. His legislative assistant is Katie Doughty, and his secretary is Trevor Schaettle. If you prefer regular mail, his address is 308 House Office Building, 402 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300.

    Email Representative Michelle Salzman at and/or call her office at (850) 717-5001. Her legislative assistant is Debra Malsberger. If you prefer regular mail, her address is 1401 The Capitol, 402 South Monroe Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-1300.

    I called all three this week, and left a message with Representatives Andrade and Salsman, and spoke with Senator Broxson’s assistant Cindy Harigel. It didn’t take long. A few helpful hints: 

    • Contact your legislators using a variety of communications methods – by phone, letter, email, fax, social media or by visiting in person. Be concise, yet specific. Tell your legislators what effect Florida’s Small Cell Statute has on you, your family, your home value and your ability to enjoy your home, your neighborhood, and more.
    • Timing is everything … wireless industry lobbyists are engaging our legislators with excuses.  
    • It is important to stick to one issue, make your main point clear and back up your opinion with facts. For the greatest impact, personalize your letter to tailor your experience

    If you receive a reply email or letter, or have a conversation and get feedback (I encourage it), please share with me at or call me at (858) 699-4903. Thank you. Feedback helps us refine our message, and to stay sharp and on point. 

  • 03/02/2021 8:28 PM | Anonymous

    When trying to understand the “Event Homes” industry on Pensacola Beach that are marketed to world via the internet, it’s appropriate to keep in mind the lease language for the land on which these “homes” are built on. Most have the boiler plate language of “leased to Lessee as a residential property for the purpose of constructing and maintaining a single family permanent type residence thereon”.  Think about that, as well as the absurdity of “Event Homes” blending in with residential neighborhoods while considering these direct quotes of real estate agents, owners, and renters that were found on websites advertising them on Pensacola Beach:

    Great place, everyone was comfortable and the reception party of 55 was no problem!

    The first full year on the rental program (2019) - over $182K in gross rents with $200K+ potential.

    Open spaces underneath the home make it the perfect venue for an elegant wedding or a large family gathering (maximum 50 people)…Nonrefundable event fee is $2,000 (plus tax)

    Fully furnished, this home has been on a rental program and is perfect for Large Family Reunions & Corporate Retreats.

    Our entire family (40 of us) stayed in this beautiful house during Labor Day weekend.

    This house, with nearly 6,000 square feet, will hold plenty of guests for any type of party - we had 70 people attend the wedding

    Home is on vacation rental program. 2018 annual rental $106,955. 2017 rentals $109,965.  Consistently produces around $110,000 in gross rental revenues.

    The 2nd level family room is 1,200 sq. feet that has both GULF and SOUND views and can be used as a reception or inside wedding area in case of bad weather. Owner rents tables and chairs for weddings/parties.

    BONUS SLEEPING AREA 1- 2 sets of stacked custom twin bunk beds located in a(n) over sized hallway.

    Low land lease of $190!

    Our home is ideal for weddings, anniversaries, or special occasion gatherings. There is off-street parking for up to 12 cars. There is room for sports team bus. ATTENTION ALL INVESTORS. THIS IS NOT A FLIP. This is a legitimate investment opportunity that has generated in excess of six figures annually...

    Are these “Event Houses” really the single family residences called for in the land lease? Are they residential or commercial? The PBA has called for the SRIA or the Board of County Commissioners to enact and enforce a meaningful short term rental (STR) ordinance to license and inspect rental homes like the hotels they compete with.  However, local officials’ ability to enact such an ordinance may be limited by HB219, which is currently under consideration in Tallahassee. That bill would cede STR control to the State. Please take time to review the pending legislation and let Rep. Andrade, Rep. Salzman, Sen. Broxson, and the PBA know your thoughts about local control of STR. We would also encourage you to contact Commissioner Bender regarding enacting a strong STR ordinance for Escambia County. Our contact information can be found at

    Office Contact Number:

    Rep. Andrade: (850) 595-0467

    Sen. Broxson: (850) 595-1036

    Rep. Salzman: (850) 941-6091

    Comm Bender: (850) 595-4940

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